Sending A Bicycle Overseas – How to Pack It And Other Info

Are you heading to NZ for a mountain bike adventure? Off to Thailand for a 6 month long bicycle tour? Or simply need to send a bicycle overseas? If you are looking to save on excess baggage fee’s or international courier fee’s we can help you out big time!

We highly recommend boxing your bike in a bicycle box or using a specialized bicycle case. If you are travelling overseas and are planning on travelling  by bicycle when you arrive then a cardboard bicycle box is your best option as you can source these for minimal to no cost and you can dispose of this once you arrive. You will need to work with us to determine when to send your bicycle if you want the delivery to coincide with your arrival. We can either send your bike to a delivery address (to door) or to your destination airport and you can collect it from there.

Packing Your Bike for Overseas Shipping:

We are not cycling experts, please use the steps below as a guide.

  • Source a bicycle box. These can be found at your local bike shop. They may or may not charge a small fee. Cross out any existing address info that may be on the box. Make sure the box is taped well and is sturdy.
  • Dismantle your bike. Mainly the handlebars, pedals, seat post and front wheel.
  • Use folded cardboard as a brace placed between the front forks.
  • Rotate the forks and stem so they are facing backwards.
  • Using bubble wrap, cardboard or even clothing wrap the loose pieces and any areas of the bike that may be susceptible to damage (frame).
  • Strap the loose parts to the frame using zip ties securely.
  • Place the dismantled and wrapped bike into the box. Use foam or cardboard to make the bike sturdy in the box, clothing is a good option for this and will save you on airline baggage room.
  • Seal the box with packing tape and you are done!

Please head over to our Price page to see what we can save you on sending your bicycle overseas. Happy Cycling.