International Freight Service For Small Scale Overseas Moves
Send Your Belongings Overseas With Ease
Servicing SE Queensland

Small Scale International Moving Services

We offer our South East Queensland customers some great options when it comes to small scale international moves. Whether you are moving back home after an extended period of time here in Australia or you are just starting out on your journey and have personal belongings you need sent to your new home - we can help.

What We Offer

Door/Depot to Door Courier Service

A great option if you are sending single or multiple items are require fast transit times and need your item/items delivered to your door overseas. We recommend using either heavy duty packing boxes or sturdy luggage.

Door/Depot to Airport Service

We find this services is best suited for people who are sending multiple items and have the ability to arrange collection from the airport at the destination. With fast transit times and great potential savings this is one of our most popular options.

Door/Depot to Seaport Service

We offer this option on a case by case basis. This sea freight option is chosen by people who have large volumes to send and are not in a rush to receive their items. Please contact us for further info.