How To Pack – Tips and Tricks On How To Pack Your Boxes and Suitcases

Below you will find a few handy tips and tricks on how to pack your boxes or suitcase when you are sending them overseas. You want to make sure they are well packed to reduce the chance of anything breaking during their journey.


If you are using your own used boxes you need to make sure they are sturdy and the bottom is well taped. When taping your packing boxes, it is best to tape along the opening several times and also down the sides. This will prevent the bottom of the box from bulging and potentially failing.


Have a quick check to make sure your suitcase isn’t damaged and that the zips close correctly. Some people like to wrap their suitcase in plastic wrap after they have finished packing it. We can do this for you at our depot before sending your suitcase.

When packing both boxes and suitcases it is best to follow the below tips.

Check off your items as you pack them using our packing list and refer to our dangerous goods declaration.

Always pack the heavier items first. This will position the weight towards the bottom of the box and will prevent your other items from getting squashed.

Don’t over pack your box or suitcase. You want to keep the weight limit to around 30kg max. This will make sure yourself, ourselves and others can safely handle your freight.

Wrap anything you feel needs the extra protection in bubble wrap or layers of newspaper. If you are also sending clothes use these to wrap your other items.

Place your smaller items in zip bags or smaller boxes. You don’t want your items moving around. Clothing is perfect for filling gaps between your items.

If you are sending multiple boxes it is a good choice to number your boxes. This comes in handy when filling out the packing list and is useful for customs staff.

Be sure to tape the top of your box before dropping it off at our depot. If you don’t have tape, we will do this for you while you are present. It is always best practice to pack the box or suitcase yourself. Don’t take other peoples word on what they have packed.

If you have any concerns on what you have packed or how you have packed it dont hesitate to contact us.