How It Works

Depot/Door to Door Air Service

Our depot to door air service is fast, hassle free and very popular. As this is a to door service once your goods arrive at their destination they are delivered by courier to the door. You don't have the hassle of going to the airport, or arranging for someone to do so to collect your goods. If you are unable to bring your goods to our depot we can arrange to collect your goods also. We aim to make the process as easy as possible so we also provide sturdy packing boxes free of charge.

Simply follow these steps:

1. Contact us to secure a great price to a large number of international destinations.

2. Securely pack your items into your box or suitcase, listing items as you go (no dangerous goods).

3. Fill out the required paperwork as best you can.

4. Arrange to drop your box or suitcase back to our depot and finalise payment (we can arrange collection).

5. Your boxes will then leave Australia headed to their destination by plane. Transit times as little as 5 days.

6. Once they arrive at their destination a local courier service will deliver your freight to the delivery address.

Alternative Methods

If you are wanting to send a larger quantity of goods then we can work with you to find a method best suited to your needs.
Please contact us to discuss your international freight needs.

Door To Door International Courier Service
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