FAQ - Depot or Door to Door

How long does it take?
Transit times do vary depending on the destination. As your boxes travel by plane transit times can be as little as 3- 7 days. We advise transit times in our quote.

What stuff can I send home?
Our service mainly caters for people wanting to send personal effects. Personal effects are personal belongings like clothing, shoes, books (including text books) and so on. Choose us for: Sending boxes overseas, sending your text books overseas, shipping luggage and excess baggage home. We can also send your sporting equipment including ski gear, snowboarding gear, bicycles and so on. If you are sending something other than personal effects we can also cater for your international freight needs. Please be aware of restrictions on dangerous goods.

Are there any extra charges?
We will indicate any potential charges the destination country may impose regarding duty and taxation in our quote. As a general rule if you are sending used personal belongings then its rare for there to be any additional fee's or charges.

Do you provide packing boxes?
Yes we do. We provide secure boxes in 2 sizes. These boxes are available for collection from our depot. Boxes are only provided once a quote has been accepted by the customer. We can also send your excess luggage and baggage overseas.
Box Sizes:
Big Box - 43L x 41W x 60H cm
Half Box - 46L x 41W x 36H cm

What area’s do you service?
Our Door to Door Air Service is available to customers Australia Wide. All other services are available to customers located in South East Queensland including Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast.

Can you store my boxes / suitcase for a period of time until I need them sent?
We can. If you don’t need your items sent directly after you decide to use our services, we can store your items in our secure warehouse.

This is especially handy if:
You are returning home and need to be there when your items are delivered at your international address.
You are travelling within Australia and don’t want to cart around items you know you don’t need but still want to send home when you return.

Please contact us for further info and pricing on this service.

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